Bob Geldof tells Band Aid 30 supporters to "delete and download again"

Sirbob is worried that the 99p price point is too low to have an impact.

Mr Sirbob Geldof has called on anyone who has downloaded Band Aid 30’s Ebola charity single to delete the song and buy it again.

Despite the revamped ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ becoming the fastest-selling single of 2014 on its release last week, he’s worried that they won’t be able to match the original Band Aid’s £8 million result. The new single’s 99p price tag is a fraction of the cost of the 1984 version, which retailed for £3.50.

“We need to sell 300% more than we did than [in 1984] to even begin to make up the cash figure,” Sirbob told Radio 1. “That worries me… Even if you already have it, delete, download again.””

Erm, except you can’t – iTunes allows you to repurchase any track you’ve previously bought and deleted for no additional cost. Alternatively, you can donate again by sending the download as a gift to another iTunes user, or wait to buy the single when it’s released on CD on 8 December.

The Band Aid reboot has not exactly been smooth sailing, with artists including Lily Allen and Fuse ODG refusing to take part. The Afrobeats star wrote a razor-sharp riposte to the charity venture in The Guardian last week, calling the lyrics “shocking and appalling”.

Here’s another way to donate money to fight Ebola.



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