Bob Geldof’s pick for a ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ remix won’t surprise anyone.

Since Geldof’s call for anyone who has downloaded Band Aid 30′s Ebola charity single to delete the song and buy it again won’t work (iTunes doesn’t work that way), he’s got another idea to match the original Band Aid’s £8 million result: a dance remix… by David Guetta.

“I’m in France, I made contact with David Guetta, and he texted back after I asked if he was interested in the mix, and he said, ‘yes, why not’,” Geldof says. “So we’ll have the whole dance scene covered.”

We’d argue with that last point, and we’d be surprised if this sees the light of day. If not, Geldof also has all-female and all-male versions lined up.



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