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Peverelist kicks off 12,000 Seconds cassette series on Bass Clef's label

Bristol bass head teams up with a Brooklyn experimenter on the first tape.

Cross-genre club producer Bass Clef is launching a cassette offshoot of his Magic + Dreams label with split releases from Peverelist and Ashley Paul plus Bristol’s Vi and Somerset collective Hacker Farm.

Each tape in the 12,000 Seconds series will feature two artists contributing a side of music each, dividing their 12,000 seconds into eight tracks lasting 0:06, 0:23, 1:11, 2:37, 3:03, 3:14, 4:20 and 6:06 seconds. Label boss Bass Clef, born Ralph Cumbers, realised after he’d come up with the concept that he’d got his maths a bit wrong – the track lengths actually add up to 12,060 seconds. “But hey, nobody’s perfect. I left the series title as a reminder of my infallibility,” he notes.

Both cassettes are out on December 5 – hear some of the tracks in the player below.

Peverelist recently teamed up with Andy Mac for a house-leaning release on The Trilogy Tapes under the name Zennor, and his Solid Steel mix from a few months back is well worth checking out. If you’ve recently discovered the joy of (tape) decks, FACT’s monthly Caught On Tape column from Digitalis boss Brad Rose is a fine place to start. [via RA]


01. Introduction
02. Caught A Glimpse
03. In A Spin
04. Kinetics
05. A Brief Transmission
06. Silvers
07. OK Run It
08. Until The Next Time

Ashley Paul:
01. Distance
02. Face
03. Lines
04. Prelude
05. Weight
06. Hero
07. Take
08. Leave

01. Tiphareth
02. As Above So Below
03. The Middle Pillar
04. Qliphoth
06. Ash-Tone
07. Foundation
08. Four Worlds

Hacker Farm:
02. Fake Footage
03. Chelyabinsk 65
04. Lost Cosmonauts
05. Fukkit
06. Sprachmaschine S A
07. Undertown
08. The Disappeared



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