Petition launched to protect venues from noise complaints

Petition wants to turn down the volume on whining residents.

Luke Abbott, Ben UFOMidland, Om Unit, B-Traits, Digital Soundboy and Hospital Records are among the artists and labels backing a campaign to protect venues from noise complaints.

Over 20,000 people have signed the petition calling for the introduction of mandatory noise complaint waivers for people who live near music venues. The campaigners say too many venues have had their licences revoked or been shut down completely when residents take exception to the volume, a situation that has affected London clubs like Plastic People and Ministry of Sound in recent years.

They propose that anyone who wants to buy or rent a property within a determined distance of a venue should be forced to sign a document waiving their right to complain about noise. “If they do not wish to be bothered by something that was a fixture of the community long before they arrived, they should not move there in the first place,” the petition points out.

“It is extremely detrimental to the UK’s entertainment industry, particularly on a grassroots level, when all the music venues start disappearing. Music is a key British export and to endanger our strong national artist community is to endanger a key British industry.”

You can check out the petition and add your name over here.



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