It’s like a perfect day.

As announced last week, Nick Hook‘s next release is a collaborative effort between Ninja Tune and Serato as part of the latter’s Serato Pressings series.

Titled Collage v.1 it features the NYC-based producer teaming up with various legends from the music world including Egyptian Lover, Parliament Funkadelic’s Bernie Worrell and Todd “The God” Edwards alongside newer names like Bodega Bamz, Kilo Kish, Crystal Caines, Nadus, DJ Sliink and DJ Paypal.

‘J.A.M.I.T’, Nick’s collaboration with the Egyptian Lover was revealed last week.

It’s now the turn of ‘Jaco’ featuring Todd Edwards and vocals from Kilo Kish. It’s a breezy, uplifting affair that makes the most of both producer’s studio experience and puts Kish’s vocals to the fore.

Stream it below and pre-order the package (artwork above) here.



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