Someone has made an entirely 3D-printed, hand-cranked turntable – and it works

Crank that.

We’ve seen 3D printed records, 3D printed tonearms and a pop-up 3D printing record shop in London – but now a New Zealand inventor has made another advance in the 3D printing-meets-vinyl arena.

Oana Croitoru has designed and built this rather attractive hand-cranked turntable with a Replicator 2 3D printer. “All pieces for [the] record player are neatly aligned and designed to fit in a 15x15x15cm cube, and print beautifully on the Replicator 2, without any rafting or supports,” she explains. “Once all the pieces are printed, it assembles in about five minutes. Then you just add a little glue to make sure nothing flies of as it spins and you’re ready to go.”

Sadly it doesn’t sound quite as good as it looks, but having developed the basic idea Croitoru is now working on a new version with improved audio quality.

Croitoru’s design is an entry to the MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge, a joint venture between the 3D printer maker and the Ghostly International label which asked designers to use vinyl records and turntables as a starting point to design novel objects for record collectors and music lovers – see more of the entries over at the Thingiverse.





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