Modular synth pioneer Charles Cohen to reinterpret Indonesian hardcore band Senyawa

The veteran Buchla synthesizer explorer develops an unusual project for Morphine Records.

Charles Cohen, a Philadelphia musician whose contribution to electronic music was brought back into the spotlight last year with an acclaimed archival release on Morphosis’s label,  returns to the label soon with a special 12″ featuring his own modular synth interpretation of  ‘Di Kala Sudah’, a track by Indonesian hardcore band Senyawa.

“Cohen conducted a ritual-esque and tonal re-adaptation—flushing the song through layers of spaced out orchestrated groove,” the press release explains. The B-side contains a new version of Cohen’s ‘Conundrums’ by Robert Turman. There’s no exact release date.

Sendawa will appear again on Morphine Records next year with an album titled Menjadi. Try them for size in the gripping live clip below. [via RA]




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