Loefah's 'Midnight' / 'Woman' is finally getting released

Two of dubstep’s great lost dubs, Loefah‘s ‘Midnight’ and ‘Woman’ are finally coming out.

They’ll be released on a 180g 12″ single through the Berceuse Heroique label next week, limited to 300 copies with artwork and an poster by Trilogy Tapes label-head / designer Will Bankhead. It will only be available via UK stores Honest Jon’s and Idle Hands (though it will be available online, not just in-store).

For many dubstep fans, ‘Midnight’ is the lost dub (i.e. a track that was an anthem in club and radio sets, but never received release). It was speculated for some time that the tune might end up lost full stop – Loefah claimed that he’d lost the WAV file of the track, and word was that only two acetate versions existed – but now, over half a decade on from its first play, here we are: 300 happy people, and an entire forum’s worth of rage.

Thanks to JunoPlus for the tip. Last year, we ran down 15 of our favourite lost dubs from grime and dubstep.



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