Yup, you read that right.

As far as dumb ideas go, this one’s pretty genius: a mash-up of grime touchstone ‘Pulse X’ and Bob Marley (presumably by label owners DJ Oasi$ and DJ Ape, a.k.a. Ossia and Vessel), given a “loving downgrading treatment” to 8kbps on iTunes, then cut straight to acetate at Bristol’s Dub Studio.

‘Pulse Marley’ has been pressed in an edition of 20 5″ dubplates, 10 cut to black discs, 10 to transparent. They’re already sold out at Boomkat and RWD FWD, and we can’t see any elsewhere – but at £11 a pop it’s not like you missed out on a bargain.

If you want to hear it, head to Boomkat. You can probably guess exactly how it sounds though.

The latest release on Vessel and Ossia's FuckPunk label is a 5" mash-up of Bob Marley and 'Pulse X', cut straight from 8kbps mp3



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