Next up on DJ Haus’s Unknown to the Unknown is a 12″ from Klasse Recordings’ Luca Lozano.

Lozano captures the spirit of a Sheffield warehouse in 1990 here, with a set of tracks that mark a slight about turn from the current dance fixation on “deep house.” This is messy, urgent electronic music, blessed with the kind of basslines that make you nostalgic for a time most of you lot probably can’t even remember.

There’s even a cracking remix from DJ Fett Burger to round off the EP, and you can hear the whole thing below. The 12″ is due to drop on Unknown to the Unknown on December 15.


A1 Mister Right Now
A2 Come With Me
B1 The Afterworld
B2 DJ Fett Burgers Orgonitt Meme Deep Mix



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