Instantly chop and screw any track with the Purplelizer app

Some sizzurp-addled genius has made an app to auto-chop’n’screw any tune.

Breezily billed as “a new app for slowing down your favourite music on the go”, the Purplelizer is a one-button tool that allows you to instantly nail that woozy, codeine-addled vibe invented by Houston’s late great DJ Screw.

Explaining the concept to Noisey, Tomás Peña, one of the app’s inventors, said the team found out about the chopped and screwed scene via Screw and “other young rappers who are building on that sound, like A$AP Rocky on ‘Purple Kisses’.”

He added: “We wanted things to sound like binaural beats, which are used for meditation or something. We wanted to have that on the fly with no waiting. We enjoyed the idea of slowing down music when you are high, but also the idea of getting high by listening to your favourites songs in a different speed.”

But don’t expect your results to be worthy of an A$AP mixtape, he warns. “We just slow it down in a more simple and direct way, there is no chance of editing the song too much. You pick the song you like and start making it sound like screwed Houston music, but coming from a more simplistic point of view.”

Check it out in the App Store and enjoy Purplelizer’s silly testimonials video below.


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