Beyoncé, Jay Z & Timbaland Sued by Hungarian singer over 'Drunk In Love' sample

A Hungarian singer is suing Beyoncé, Jay Z and Timbaland for allegedly using her voice without permission in the intro to hit single ‘Drunk In Love’.

Monika Miczura Juhasz, who records as Mitsou, claims that the track samples ‘Bajba, Bajba Pélem’, a song Juhasz recorded in 1995 as part of folk ensemble Ando Drom. ‘Bajba, Bajba Pélem’ was released on Ando Drom’s 1995 album Kaj Phirel o Del?, which was released in the United States in 1997 as Gypsy Life on the Road.

Mitsou is not only aggrieved that her permission was not sought for the sample. The singer is also upset that the trio used her manipulated voice “to evoke foreign eroticism alongside the sexually intense lyrics.”

Mitsou is reportedly seeking damages and has requested that the judge rule ‘Drunk In Love’ cannot be played until her voice is removed.

The sample in question comes in at around one minute into the video below. Hear the original song underneath. [via TMZ]





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