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Tradiio is a music discovery game that allows music fans to discover and support new artists.

Like other streaming platforms, Tradiio allows you to listen to and share music; but unlike others, it allows you to go that step further, investing in the artists you believe in using virtual coins.

The bands that receive the most investment rise up the Tradiio charts, and if you push them high enough, they could win rewards like festival slots, media coverage or label deals – on top of the extra exposure. This isn’t just a one-way street, either: the users that invest the most can win prizes like festival tickets, download vouchers or access to intimate gigs with the artists that they have invested in. Screw the glass ceiling; if you want to see a band pushed, Tradiio lets you do just that.

Users can sign up to Tradiio now for priority access now. Tradiio is also making a series of films with new artists, the first of which features Tropics. You can stream that above.



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