Download almost every Nine Inch Nails show ever

527 GB (!) of high-quality live audio.

Reflecting In The Chrome is a free archive of audio from every available Nine Inch Nails live recording, covering nearly all NIN concerts since 1988.

The site’s founder, Ryan J., has spent six years compiling, cleaning and organizing the files, and now he has made the archive available for free via Bittorrent. The archive is 527 GB of audio — a majority of the music is in FLAC — and since he acknowledges that it will take a long time to seed the torrent, he will copy it to your hard drive as long as you provide return postage.

His next step in the project? A corresponding video archive. Head to his site for the torrent file. While it downloads, check out FACT’s alternative history of Trent Reznor’s career. [via CoS]



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