mac sabbath mcdonalds black sabbath

Earlier in 2014, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin made headlines when it emerged that he was part of a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute group named The Pizza Underground.

Well, Kevin, consider yourself one-upped.

As pointed out by several sites this week, including Loudwire, there’s a Black Sabbath tribute group doing the rounds, named Mac Sabbath. The reason for the name? They perform in full McDonalds regalia, dressed as Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburgler and co, and reimagine Sabbath’s doomy anthems as odes to fast food. ‘Paranoid’ becomes ‘Pair-a-buns’, ‘Iron Man’ becomes ‘Frying Pan’, and the group’s merch bears the logo ‘Sold Our Souls for Cinnamon Rolls’.

Check out the group on Facebook, and watch ‘Frying Pan’ below.



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