Eskmo returns with <em>SOL</em> LP

The LA-based musician announces his second album.

As Eskmo, Brendan Angelides has released genre-defying electronica on Ninja Tune, Warp and Planet Mu. His latest, an album entitled SOL, is due out on February 23 via R&S sublabel Apollo Records.

“My urge was to create an album who’s main characters were the Sun, Moon and Earth and how they all play a roll in the perfect simple life of a perfectly imperfect human,” he writes. “Each track within their peak’s and valley’s plays a specific role in the narrative. My last album was more monotone, sound design focused and emotionally protected. I strove for more on this one.”

Written, produced and recorded in his Los Angeles home studio, the album touches on Angelides’ recent work composing orchestral pieces and features field recordings from around the world. Press materials compare SOL to work by contemporaries Jon Hopkins, Apparat and Matthew Dear.

The tracklist is below, followed by digi-funk lead cut ‘Mind of War’. Back in 2012, we interviewed Eskmo about melodies, working with Amon Tobin and more.

1. SpVce
2. Combustion
3. Blue and Grey
4. Mind of War
5. Tamara
6. SOL
7. The Light of One Thousand Furnaces
8. Feed Fire
9. The Sun Is a Drum
10. Can’t Taste



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