Check out this Bluetooth turntable that lets you play vinyl without wires

Get rid of pesky cable clutter.

ION Audio has souped up its latest turntable with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to play vinyl through your speakers without the need for wires.

The Air LP has a built-in audio interface that can convert analogue records into digital files through a USB port that connects to Mac or PC, and it has 1/8-inch aux input enabling you to convert from CDs and cassette players. It’s a bargain at $149, or $179.99 with a pair a Bluetooth speakers included, and will be on the market later this year after being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Wendy Fortin, ION product manager, said the turntable was a response to the rise in vinyl sales and the increasing popularity of Bluetooth speakers: “We wanted to connect the best of both worlds and create a wireless way to enjoy your records. Air LP’s innovative design puts vinyl records on an entirely new wavelength.”

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