Steve Aoki will no longer be tossing cakes at festival crowds

Looks like we’ll need a replacement for “cake tosser” in our Aoki posts.

EDM star Steve Aoki is best known — in these parts and elsewhere — for his well-practiced gimmick: throwing cakes onto his audience. For festival crowds, it looks like the end of an era:

“To start the New Year I’m making some new changes and have decided I’ll no longer be caking fans at most festivals,” he writes. “There might be an exception here or there but for the most part I’ll be saving the CAKE for my headline shows, keeping it exclusive for the die hard fans.”

All is not lost: Fans that demand cake will have to attend his headlining gigs on the Neon Future Experience tour or at his Manchester, London, Las Vegas or Ibiza gigs. To mark the occasion, he’s shared ‘Cakeface’ and this positive message: “Love you to infinity and back. Now let’s go forward into the neon future!!”



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