The Norwegian artists get together for the first time in 15 years.

Veteran ambient composer Biosphere, who’s released on labels including Touch and Brian Eno’s All Saints Records since he adopted the moniker in 1991, has reunited with his countryman Deathprod, known for his pitch-black explorations, for a split album. The last time they collaborated was for Nordheim Transformed, a 1999 split album based on music by composer Arne Nordheim.

Stator takes its title from an engineering term for the stationary part of a rotary machine, as RA reports, and the 40-minute record combines three new tracks from Biosphere with four from Deathprod, who also mastered it.

Deathprod, aka Helge Sten, hinted at the new album in an interview with FACT last year, where he also talked about his collaboration with Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and the “scourge” of Spotify.

Stator is out on 12″ and CD on March 30 through the long-running Touch label. [via RA]


01 Biosphere – Muses-C
02 Deathprod – Shimmer/Flicker
03 Biosphere – Baud
04 Deathprod – Polychromatic
05 Deathprod – Disc
06 Biosphere – Space Is Fizzy
07 Deathprod – Optical



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