Pearson Sound details debut album on Hessle Audio

The Hessle Audio co-founder spills the beans on his first full-length.

Pearson Sound has dribbled out a few more details about his self-titled debut, due out in March, explaining that he’s been harnessing feedback loops between his machines to create the nine tracks on the album.

“I had a signal chain set up that I was really happy with, and I started sending my machines through the same processes,” says David Kennedy. “A lot of it was made by feeding the the same sounds between two different pieces of equipment and they’d end up feeding back between each other and snowballing. On some tracks it’s about harnessing that and taking it to the brink before it disintegrates, and some of them are about just letting it go full-blown out of control.”

The label describes the record as “characteristically minimalist in approach” and says Kennedy’s “exploratory studio process” resulted in “striking contrasts: bold, stark and visceral, yet also subtle, harmonically complex and deceptively playful.”

Pearson Sound is out on vinyl, CD and digitally on March 9 through Hessle Audio. See tracklist and cover art below.

The UK producer’s most recent release was the beatless 7″ Raindrops, which outlined a new direction for the artist also known as Ramadanman.



01 Asphalt Sparkle
02 Glass Eye
03 Gristle
04 Crank Call
05 Swill
06 Six Congas
07 Headless
08 Russet
09 Rubber Tree



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