The Sacramento singer/rapper/producer hones in on what he does best.

We’ve been fans of Tynethys‘ releases for a while now. First there was his big break collaborating with Main Attrakionz and then there was last year’s Thyluxe which provided a spotlight for his production, singing, and rapping. Time and again Tynethys’ biggest strength has been in his wildly distinctive beats, or “yeats,” as he calls them. That’s what makes the prospect of his new Yeatape Vol. II so appealing. 10 tracks, all purely instrumental.

“Everybody deserves slaps to write to, but not everyone has the line, or the money to get them,” he tells us over email, “Yeats are like drugs, they were better before people realized they could profit off them.”

Though Tynethys warmly welcomes any rappers and songwriters to play around with the tape, his actual productions come off more like an intimidating challenge. From the crystalline crashes in “W” to the taut, dry rhythms of “Celery,” these yeats need a strong vocalist to tame them. Grab the tape below.



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