TLC fans smash Kickstarter campaign by pledging $160,000 in two days

Update, 19 February: People are REALLY keen for some new TLC.

TLC’s Kickstarter campaign closed today and after hitting their $150,000 target in the first two days the final numbers are in. T-Boz and Chilli have raised a whopping $430,255 from 4,201 donors. It was already official TLC were returning for most of the campaign, but now they’ll have nearly triple the budget to work with than they were expecting. Now comes the difficult part: waiting.

Update, 22 January: People are keen for some new TLC.

Fans have pledged $160,000 – and counting – of the initial $150,000 target in just two days. Katy Perry was one of them, donating $5,000 to nab a slumber party with T-Boz.

Even the £7,500 pledge, which gets you a photo shoot with the girls, has had a taker – but for some crazy reason no one has yet signed up for the workout session with Chilli.

TLC are back, and they’re promising slumber parties and workout sessions for pledges to support their “fifth and final” album.

The ’90s R&B icons have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 so that that they can make their last album “completely on our own terms”.

The smallest pledges of $5 and $10 don’t include the finished record, but for $15 you get the digital album plus a “PDF of a handwritten list of our 15 favorite songs” and a remix. Those willing to spend a bit more can get a shoutout in the album booklet, a video tutorial of TLC dance moves, signed vinyl or a personal voicemail message.

And for those who treat money like they’re allergic to it, the big spend can get you a movie date (!) with one of the girls, a workout session (!) with Chilli, a slumber party (!) with the group or – for $7,500 – a photo shoot with them. Start saving.

The project is a response to demand from fans, but they hadn’t been planning to make music again, said Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. “Once our biopic came out, the requests were just overwhelming,” she told Billboard. “We worked with L.A. Reid again when we did the movie – we did a song for the soundtrack [‘Meant To Be’] and that was a good experience. We had a great time with him. But doing it this way, we have complete creative control.

“The only people we’ll be talking to and asking their opinion is the fans. That’s it. Doing stuff outside of the box is what TLC does. We came out of the box already out of the box. If we feel like we’re in the box, we’d go crazy. On FanMail, we had thousands of fans’ names inside the CD jacket, we dedicated the whole album to our fans, so this is not new to us – at least the fan involvement part. Kickstarter is perfect for us,” she added.

Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes will “probably not” appear on the record, Chilli said of her old bandmate, who passed away in 2002. “But I’m not going to say “no” because we’re open to it.”

The duo are currently working on getting a songwriting and production team together – “not necessarily big names” – including their former collaborator Dallas Austin.

“Trust me, if the subject matter isn’t right, if the tracks aren’t jamming, we won’t do them,” she said. “And we gotta make up new TLC dances. I already have a couple in my head. We got new dances, we gotta figure out crazy new outfits – and we’ll be going through this with our fans.”