DVA Damas announce <i>Wet Vision</i> 12" for Downwards America, share decayed title track

The California-based group return to the label they helped launch (and helped launch them) with a murky new release.

When Juan Mendez (aka Silent Servant) took the reigns on the new American imprint of the longrunning label Downwards, DVA Damas were the right band to launch it. Grimy, noirish, and thoroughly American; the LA band (currently a duo of Taylor Burch and Joe Cocherell) made post-punk that sounded like it had been left out in Death Valley to mummify in the sun. Despite the name of their newest single for the label, ‘Wet Vision’ is as brittle as they come. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Listen to ‘Wet Vision’ below and get the full release February 3.



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