Dance Mania legend DJ Slugo remixes NYNEX's 'Dope Tick' — stream it now

The Queens newcomer enlists Slugo, Divoli S’vere and more for his new single.

We don’t know much about NYNEX, but we’re enjoying the “proto hood tech” of his new single, ‘Dope Tick’ — the result of a quick jam session on a Roland TB-303 and AKAI MPC 4000.

The single is due out digitally on January 27 (the vinyl is out now) and features remixes by Qween Beat fave Divoli S’vere, UNO technician Aquarian, fellow newcomer Malcolm and Dance Mania legend (and Nicolas Jaar collaborator) DJ Slugo. Stream the latter below.

Next up from NYNEX is the BAY BAY EP: hybrid ballroom featuring Divoli S’vere with remixes by Jersey veteran DJ Tameil and more. Stay tuned.



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