Ducktails and Spencer Clark curate experimental music festival this weekend in Los Angeles

The Real Estate guitarist/Ducktails mastermind teams with Spencer Clark to bring experimental artists all over the world to Los Angeles this weekend.

This Sunday, January 25, marks the debut of the International Mystery festival in Los Angeles. The festival was the idea of Ducktails’ Matt Mondanile and Spencer Clark (best known for the James Ferraro collaboration Skaters, and recently for the bafflingly brilliant HR Giger’s Studiolo, one of our favorite albums of 2014). The festival features artists from drastically different parts of the world and brings them all together for one day.

Headlined by Rene Hell and Clark’s Pinhead In Fantasia project, the event offers a long list of exciting names. You’ll find Belgian nu-new age conjurer Dolphins Into The Future, the horror film score inspired Dracula Lewis from Italy, and Los Angeles musician Itasca to name a few.

Doors open at 4pm at Jewels Catch One and the show kicks off at 5pm. Get tickets here.



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