Teenage Engineering unveil a new synthesizer that fits in your pocket

The synthesizer will go for under $60 and is about the size of a calculator.

The Swedish company Teenage Engineering is perhaps best known for the OP-1, which resembled a flimsy toy on first glance only to reveal a powerful workstation underneath. Now the company has taken a similar approach with their new synthesizer, this time in miniature.

The Pocket Operator, which will sell for $59 and runs on two AAA batteries will have three different versions.: the PO-12 Rhythm (a drum machine), the PO-14 Sub (a bass synth), and the PO-16 Factory (a melodic synth). All three can also be chained together into one unit. In a first look on The Verge, the creators talked about being inspired by Nintendo Game & Watch system, which would explain the lighthearted animations on the screen.

Below you can find a sneak peak from last year of a prototype. The sound is certainly limited, but it’s an impressive display for a device with the same power requirements as a Game Boy Pocket. (via Boing Boing)



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