London police to require breathalyser tests to enter London clubs

The scheme aims to protect bouncers and prevent excessive “pre-loading”.

In an attempt to prevent heavily intoxicated individuals from entering clubs London police are testing a new scheme that gives bouncers the power to use breathalysers. Setting an alcohol limit around twice the driving limit, clubs will be able to use the test at their discretion on people who seem too drunk..

Though police hope it will curb excessive “pre-loading” or “pre-gaming” (drinking before arriving at the club where drinks are often more expensive) they also hope it will protect doormen, as Chief Inspector Gary Taylor told the Evening Standard.

“The breathalyser helps to reduce the number of arguments when door staff refuse entry to someone who is intoxicated. In the past door staff would get involved in long arguments with people who were refused entry. People who were arguing with staff were more likely to accept the results of the breathalyser,” said Taylor.

Following a successful test run at six nightclubs in Croydon, police will begin expanded the scheme throughout London. [via Resident Advisor]



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