Bristol bass don Pinch and UK dub veteran Adrian Sherwood have put their heads together for a full-length collaboration, Late Night Endless.

Ahead of the album’s release on Tectonic and On-U Sound next week, we asked the dubwise pair to give us some insight into how they developed their “meditational” sound, alongside a full stream of the record below.

“As a long standing On-U Sound fan,” Pinch explains, “I got the opportunity to invite Adrian to play at a Tectonic takeover at Fabric, towards the end of 2011.”

“I turned up and played quite a noisy and vicious set,” says Sherwood. “After I finished, Rob came on the decks. He started by playing a very slow track and seemed to totally retune the room. Within twenty minutes the tempos had gone up and the place was rocking. Needless to say I was more than a little impressed. I thought he would be the ideal person to get along to an On-U night I was doing in Paris. We hung out there, got on really well and within no time at all we were in the studio together knocking out dub plates.”

Pinch visited Sherwood’s studio in Ramsgate where they amalgamated some of his tracks with On-U classics, “dubbing them up, basically.”

“We found we got on well, sharing a dark sense of humour and things rolled out nicely in the studio,” says the Tectonic boss. “It didn’t take long before we moved on from the dubplates and started making fresh material. I remember clearly turning to Adrian at one point and saying ‘So, what’s happening now then? We’ve moved on from the dubplates…’ And he looked at me and said ‘I think we should do an album.'”

After two years and two EPs, Late Night Endless was born: “We also pulled together a live set which was initially showcased at Sonar Tokyo 2013 and well received. As things progressed, the live show has fed back ideas that we worked back into the LP tracks. We actually created a lot more material than made it on to Late Night Endless and plan to release some further, themed EPs, later on this year.

“We wanted to keep a certain mood thought the LP, something a bit more thoughtful or meditational even. It’s just a bit more appropriate for home listening. The EPs will see some of the more dancefloor-focussed tracks released that are you can hear in our current live sets, in the meantime.”

Stream the album, which incorporates vocal samples from Congo Natty, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Prince Far I and more, in the player below and buy it from Bleep, iTunes and Amazon.

Sherwood & Pinch will present their live show at an album launch party next Thursday, February 12, at Motion Bristol.



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