Alex Drewchin announces her debut album as Eartheater on Hausu Mountain

Alexandra Drewchin releases her debut album on one of our favorite new labels.

Though Alexandra Drewchin is best known as the frontwoman/main screamer in Guardian Alien she makes even more interesting music by herself as Eartheater. It’s a fitting name for how many different sounds Drewchin, a multi-instrumentalist, explores and breaks apart on her upcoming debut. Titled Metalepsis, it’s a constantly surprising album which makes for an easy fit on Hausu Mountain, one of our labels to watch in 2015.

She also does a pretty killer Kate Bush cover.

For a concentrated shot of what makes Metalepsis such an exciting record look no further that the two-minute headrush of “Youniverse.” Over a circular guitar riff Drewchin’s chants stretch like taffy. Drum’s build, anticipating some sort of rock climax that never comes. Rather, it stumbles off into ambient synth murmurs before melting into a blow out field recording of some people rapping, before Drewchin reenters for a few seconds plinking her guitar for a lovely coda.

“Youniverse” is indicative of Metalepsis‘s maximalist qualities throughout. It’s a promising way for Hausu to start what could be their biggest year so far, it’s a strong debut from an artist overdue for one, and it’s yours to buy on February 24.



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