Room40 boss teams up with LA eccentric Jamie Stewart for a dreamy commission.

Director David Lynch will presents an exhibition of his black and white photography this April in Brisbane, a city whose notable inhabitants include ambient maestro and field recording specialist Lawrence English. Fittingly, English has been tapped to compose some music for the show in collaboration with Xiu Xiu mainman Jamie Stewart.

English and Stewart first crossed paths some five years ago and have been working out a collaboration ever since, they explain, and now they’ve announced HEXA, “a joint investigation into the physiological and psychological impacts of vibration.”

“Fuelled by interests in how frequency and dynamic sound occupies and abrades the body, they have sought to create music that dwells in the physical,” they says. “No matter how much we might strain against it, the vibration of sound conquers us. We are its subjects, its host and ultimately its grave. The moment sound is registered and perceived it is lost to that moment, never to be repeated.”

HEXA will make its debut on April 19 with a specially commissioned hour-long performance at the city’s Gallery of Modern Art, and hopefully we’ll hear more from the transpacific duo at a later date. Tickets for the show will be available from February 9, and David Lynch: Between Two Worlds runs from March 14 to June 7, displaying the director’s ‘Factory Photographs’.

English gave us an in-depth interview about his craft last year to coincide with the release of his album Wilderness of Mirrors. He also introduced us to his philosophy of the art of field recording, which coincides neatly with his latest release Viento –  recordings of windgusts from Patagonia and Antarctica.

Meanwhile, David Lynch is bit busy with the new series of Twin Peaks, thank the lord.



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