Noise artist John Wiese returns after four years with new double album <i>Deviate From Balance</i>

The 80-minute record features scored ensemble pieces including over 20 musicians.

John Wiese has been a fixture in noise music for years with releases on PAN, Troubleman United, and No Fun. We haven’t seen an album from him since 2011’s Seven Wands. Now that changes.

Wiese has announced the release of Deviate From Balance a new double album due March 1 via Gilgongo Records. According to the press release, the record includes pieces scored for as many as 20 musicians. It also includes ‘Wind Changed Direction,’ a piece originally presented in the garden of the Getty Center during a program curated by the band Liars.

Check out the album art and tracklist below.

Deviate From Balance

Deviate From Balance Tracklist:
01. ‘Wind Changed Direction’
02. ‘356 S. Mission Rd’
03. ‘Segmenting Process For Language’
04. ‘Superstitious’
05. ‘Cafe OTO’
06. ‘Memaloose Walkman’
07. ‘Battery Instruments (Stereo)’
08. ‘Dramatic Accessories’
09. ‘Solitaire’
10. ‘Segmenting Process (Portland)’



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