<i>Only Lovers Left Alive</i>-composer Jozef van Wissem announces new release on Sacred Bones

The frequent Jim Jarmusch collaborator’s score to the film Partir To Live will come on vinyl with a copy of the film.

Experimental composer Jozef van Wissem is best known for his score to Jim Jarmusch’s existential vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive which earned him the Cannes Soundtrack Award. His newest score is for Partir To Live a film directed by Domingo Garcia-Huidobro (of the band Föllakzoid), described as “a non-narrative film experience in sensations, in ethical confusion, and in physical and psychic contusions,” and which Jarmusch called, “”A gently hallucinatory, mysterious and beautiful film.”

The score, which is built primarily around droning guitars, minimal electronics, and delicate lute playing, will be released by Sacred Bones in a bundle with the film on March 31.

You can preview Wissem’ score and watch a trailer for Partir To Live below the album details.

<i>Only Lovers Left Alive</i> composer Jozef van Wissem previews new release for Sacred Bones

Partir To Live Original Score:

1. ‘Rain Insects’ (0:33)
2. ‘Eiditic Reduction’ (3:53) *
3. ‘Ex Cathedra’ (2:54) *
4. ‘Iglesia’ (0:50)
5. ‘Einklammerung’ (4:32) *
6. ‘Moto’ (2:24)
7. ‘Spectography’ (0:50)
8. ‘Epoché’ (7:35) *
9. ‘Zeteteiko’ (2:49) *
10. ‘Induction’ (2:44)
11. ‘Ataraxia’ (3:24) *

* by Jozef van Wissem



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