And no, it’s not Kim Dotcom.

It’s been three years since file-sharing site Megaupload was taken down and seven individuals and two companies behind the site indicted by the US Justice Department, but only now has someone actually been convicted.

Last week programmer Andrus Nõmm was arrested in Virginia after agreeing to drop his extradition fight from the Netherlands. He pleaded guilty for conspiring to commit copyright infringement by knowingly working for a website that held bootleg files, and was sentenced to just a year and a day in a federal prison – a sentence that takes into account his relatively junior role at Megaupload and his willingness to accept responsibility for his actions as part of the so-called “Mega Conspiracy”.

Interestingly, CMU is suggesting that Nõmm gave up his fight as part of a deal with US prosecutors, something that could help their case against Megaupload founder (and aspiring politician) Kim Dotcom in the future. Unfortunately for the Justice Department, it doesn’t look like he’ll be leaving his New Zealand stronghold any time soon – they need to prove that there is a case for criminal copyright infringement to successfully extradite Dotcom.

Now is probably as good a time as any to remind ourselves of Kim Dotcom’s ‘Megaupload Song’ from 2011, featuring star turns from Kanye, Snoop, and even Kim Kardashian – written before things tuned sour for Dotcom’s file-sharing empire.



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