Insane in the cellophane.

In what must be the most logical piece of brand expansion for weed-loving hip hop outfit Cypress Hill, lead rapper B-Real is planning to open his own medicinal marijuana dispensary.

The bong-toting rapper was one of a lucky six awarded the right to open a dispensary in South California’s Orange County, having entered a lottery along with 630 other hopefuls. Judging by comments made to Billboard, it looks like selling weed won’t be the only thing offered by his new business.

“I definitely want it to be eye candy, eye-popping, eye-catching, an experience,” he said. “You don’t want it to seem theme-parkish on one end, but you want it to be an experience. What that is, it will have something to do with music. I think mini concerts in there would be good, have some artists that are legalization-friendly, like for instance Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Kottonmouth Kings or Red and Method come to the spot and do a performance. Maybe there’s a day where there’s a celebrity budtender giving out buds.”

Unfortunately there’s no indication yet as to when his dispensary will be opening, but in the meantime B-Real is dropping a mixtape called The Prescription under his Dr Greenthumb guise today (February 18). There’s also the small matter of the first Cypress Hill album since 2010, which he told Billboard should be released in late summer.



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