Roman Flügel, Powell and more have reworked one of 2013’s best techno albums.

Nigh on 18 months after its release, Daniel Avery’s mightily impressive debut album Drone Logic is still making an impact in clubland and beyond, burrowing its way into the hearts of listeners who like their heads-down techno with a knockout dose of psychedelia.

To complete the cycle, the veteran DJ and newcomer producer has brought together a mammoth collection of remixes by peers and heroes including KiNK, Factory Floor and his Phantasy Sound cohorts Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve.

A chunk of the remixes had been doing damage in the clubs since last summer, including Roman Flügel’s trippy take on ‘All I Need’, but 10 tracks are brand new reworkings commissioned from the likes of Rødhåd, Silent Servant and Ø [Phase].

Avery told FACT that it was never his intention to have quite so many remixes. “It started off with two or three – the Special Request one was the first,” he says, “and over time more people asked to do one. I was super happy with all of them and it got to a stage where I felt a sense responsibility to the remixes – I really wanted to collect them all together in a respectful way, and I wanted them in a physical format, so a double CD seemed like the right option.”

The Flügel remix set the bar high, he added. “Everyone at the label was just blown away immediately, and it really spread like wildfire, that one. I feel the same thing happening with the Rødhåd one as well. What’s surprising about that is he delivered it really quickly. He said he might not even have time, but when it came it just had his stamp all over it.”

Another surprise came from newcomer Volte-Face, the DJ behind London’s BleeD night. “This is the first production he’s done – he’s a friend of mine, and he just asked to do something to try it out. What he delivered was this really stunning, beautiful techno record, and the second I played that [to the label] it was an instant reaction.”

The Rinse FM regular is currently focusing on his Divided Love residencies at Fabric in London, Paris’ Rex Club and Lyon’s De Sucre (check out his DJ dates below to catch him in his natural environment) and he’s starting to head back into the studio for album number two.

“I’ve definitely started it. There’s a lot of elements that I touched upon in the first record, and I feel like I’m wanting to push those buttons harder. It’s way more techno-led, and there’s definitely some psychedelic elements that are pushed much harder, like the droney elements,” he says. “So we’ll see – it’s definitely a work in process but I feel really excited about it.

New Energy [Collected Remixes] is out now on Beatport, with the deluxe CD package coming on March 2 via Phantasy Sound. You can stream the whole thing exclusively on FACT in the player above and pre-order it from Phantasy’s webstore.

Tour dates:

February 20 – Reggio, Beat To Be
March 13 – Copenhagen, Sonar
March 19 – Madrid, Mondo
March 20 – Barcelona, Moog
March 21 – Cologne, Heinz Gaul
March 27 – Milan, Tunnel Club
March 28 – Manchester, The Soup Kitchen



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