Gordon claims Del Rey “doesn’t even know what feminism is.”

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon will to release a new memoir entitled Girl in a Band later this month. In the book, Gordon shares her less-than-flattering thoughts on Billy Corgan, Courtney Love and her former husband Thurston Moore.

Lana Del Rey has also found herself in the firing line, according to an excerpt from the piece where Gordon writes:

“Today we have someone like Lana Del Rey, who doesn’t even know what feminism is, who believes women can do whatever they want, which, in her world, tilts toward self-destruction, whether it’s sleeping with gross old men or getting gang raped by bikers. Equal pay and equal rights would be nice. Naturally, it’s just a persona. If she really truly believes it’s beautiful when young musicians go out on a hot flame of drugs and depression, why doesn’t she just off herself?”

Del Rey has been previously criticised for romaticising death by Frances Bean Cobain.

Girl in a Band will be available from February 24. [via CoS]

Update: Pitchfork reports that the final version of the book has been edited, with the offending phrase (“why doesn’t she just off herself?”) replaced with “or is it just her persona?”.

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