We’re guessing this is a first for the former pirate station.

A producer championed by Berlin’s Janus crew, artist Amnesia Scanner is best known for producing Mykki Blanco’s 2013 track ‘Booty Bamboo’ and delivering last year’s under-appreciated AS LIVE [][][][][] mixtape. You wouldn’t necessarily think a producer of hi-tech club music would be the kind of person to create an ‘audioplay’, but apparently the soon-to-be-premiered ‘Angels Rig Hook’ is just that.

There’s little information on what exactly what ‘Angels Rig Hook’ will be about, but we’re guessing that as it’s receiving its world premiere on former pirate station Rinse FM this week it won’t be anything like The Archers. You can catch it on the PAN show hosted by Bill Kouligas this Wednesday night (February 25) from 1-3am, but in the meantime, you can stream AS LIVE [][][][][] below.

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