New York legends Sonic Youth will reissue 1985’s Bad Moon Rising this April.

The group, who’ve been on indefinite hiatus since The Split Of Thurston and Kim, have been steadily reissuing their pre-Geffen catalogue, with Daydream Nation and The Whitey Album (released as Ciccone Youth) already given the treatment.

The Bad Moon Rising reissue will be released on April 14 on double-LP and CD, and comes with a handful of bonus tracks: ‘Satan is Boring’ and ‘Echo Canyon’ (from the CD version of the original album) and ‘Flower’ and ‘Halloween’, from a 1986 12″ single.

As Pitchfork report, more reissues of the band’s ’80s catalogue are on the way: Confusion is Sex, EVOL and Sister are up next, as well as the Screaming Fields of Sonic Love DVD, which compiles the group’s pre-Geffen music videos.

Stream ‘Flower’ below.



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