The Hyperdub producer combines hi-tech club rhythms and dub techno on a rare remix.

Ozy may not be an immediately recognisable name, but he’s more than earned his stripes in the dub techno sphere. He put out a string of records on Icelandic label Thule in the late ’90s, before releasing his debut album on the influential Force Inc./Mille Plateaux label. His academic pursuits put his music career on hiatus, but he’ll soon be making his comeback with a new album on Japanese label nothings66.

Distant Present sees Ozy continue his exploration of Berlin-inspired dub sounds, experimental techno and icy minimalism across 12 tracks, three of which are remixes of older productions. As well as contributions from Japanese producer College Drop and Modern Love’s Miles Whittaker, Laurel Halo has reworked Ozy’s 2002 track ‘Black To The Future’.

The album will be released in Japan on March 4 and worldwide on March 25, but until then you can stream Laurel Halo’s brilliant remix below. Pitched somewhere between the organic dub sound of Basic Channel and the cybernetic club rhythms of artists like Arca and M.E.S.H., it’s easily as good as her sublime rework of Kuedo’s ‘Work, Live And Sleep in Collapsing Space’ from 2012.

Also check the Youtube sampler for Distant Present. 



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