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The forthcoming album is “his cleanest, most concise record to date.”

Drew Lustman is best known for his work as FaltyDL, but his next record sees him creating a new alter ego to explore hardcore and drum & bass together as well as soul and funk.

The Crystal Cowboy was apparently written in the small hours of the morning, freed of the associations of his FaltyDL moniker. Lustman found himself experimenting and making the kind of tracks he would DJ with or play to friends “without the pressure of the conceptual weighing him down.”

The record, which is released on April 20, sees Lustman return to Planet Mu after a prolific run of releases on Ninja Tune. The Crystal Cowboy will also feature an unexpected collaboration with rapper Le1f, who provides his first ever sung vocals on ‘Onyx’.



01. Watch A Man Die
02. Time Machine
03. Angel Flesh
04. Green Technique
05. Wolves
06. Hyena
07. The Crystal Cowboy
08. Onyx feat. Le1f
09. The Hatchet
10. Blueberry Fields
11. Sykle

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