The Rebel Heart keeps beating.

After leaks and the usual controversy, Madonna will release Rebel Heart on March 10. While we already knew that Kanye West worked with Madonna on a handful of the album’s tracks (including the aptly-titled ‘Illuminati’), the Queen of Pop just revealed that she returned the favor on his forthcoming album.

Madonna told Complex’s Sean Evans that the pair wrote a song that will appear on So Help Me God. Also, she says that West was originally set to act as a producer a la Rick Rubin’s role on Yeezus, but that his schedule was too busy. “He ended up only working on four songs, and then we wrote another song together, which is going to be on his record,” she said.

That’s not her only rap-facing collaboration in the works: she also says that she’ll be working with Drake, who penned a tribute to the singer on his latest mixtape. “We’re gonna work together,” she said. “Yeah, baby, it’s in the pipeline.”



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