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Watch Slug Christ freak out Miami tourists in the video for ‘Im The Ocean’

Awful’s resident based goth shares his latest video.

Of all the members of the sprawling Awful Records collective, Slug Christ probably has the most fully-developed aesthetic, mining the darker corners of the internet on his excellent album art and equally warped videos. With that in mind, don’t expect the usual “rapper in Miami” tropes in his video for ‘Im The Ocean’, which was shot during Awful’s recent trip to the Sunshine State.

“We went to the beach smokin’ and drinkin’, and it was beautiful. Dexter [Dukarus, the video’s director] came up to me like “lets film ‘Im the ocean’ and I told him “lessgeddit”,” he writes. “It was hella tourists on the beach watchin a slugger turn up, probably wondering WTF I was doin’,” he continues, “so basically it went like everything Awful does: we went off a whim and finessed through the mist.”

As for the song itself, the hypnotic freestyle is about the negativity that has come his way since Awful entered the limelight. “It damages me as a person, but no matter how much you damage me I’ll always be here,” playing the role of the ocean in his lyrics. “In fact, your hate is making he polar icecaps melt and only causing me to grow larger and soon I’ll swallow everything.”



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