The controversial album by MF Doom’s first group sees new life.

Before he donned the mask, DOOM was known as Zev Love X of rap trio KMD, which intended to release their second album, Black Bastards (aka Bl_ck B_st_rds), in 1994. But reportedly due to its controversial cover art, which shows a Sambo figure being lynched, the album was shelved and didn’t see release until 2001 (and then again in 2008).

DOOM will again face controversy head-on with a Record Store Day reissue of the label that includes a children’s pop-up book along with the full album and a disc of bonus material. The set also includes a 7″ picture disc of single ‘What A Nigga Know’.

The special edition is being released by Doom’s Metal Face Records imprint. That’s the cover below and a look at the pop-up above. This year’s Record Store Day is April 18. And while KMD’s major label associations kept them off the list, DOOM is heavily repped on FACT’s best indie hip-hop records of all time list.



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