Making money out of music is hard enough for those on major labels at the moment, so any potential revenue stream for musicians is a welcome one.

Finnish startup PongPing is the latest, and offers an unusual take on the library music archive concept, hosting a collection of music for video game developers to license for a fee.

Musicians can apply for inclusion on PongPing by submitting one test song for evaluation review based on instructions found in PongPing’s production handbook. If successful, your music could be sold on the service, and the terms of the licensing agreement seem very favourable. Licensing a track costs €495, and licensing a track suite, including full track, menu loop, all layers and stems costs €1295. PongPing’s licensing agreement states that the composer is entitled to half of the price which it charges for the music.

The deal is also a good one for video game developers. Purchasing the composition entitles developers to unlimited use in any region and gaming platform, forever, meaning games can be developed and sold without any extra costs being incurred.

If you’re not a game developer or composer then you can just check out the music itself at the PongPing website. [via Hypebot]




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