Photo by: Jimmy Mould

Samuel Kerridge returns the favour and puts out a tape from the Downwards boss.

Inaugurated with an album of imposing drone and skewed techno rhythms from Mancunian co-founder Samuel Kerridge, the Contort label – also a Berlin party run with his wife Hayley – has revealed its next release.

A cassette from Downwards boss Karl O’Connor – better known as techno enfant terrible Regis – Post Crucifixion will be released on April 2, housed in a bespoke sheath with numbered inserts. According to RA, the cassette is a recording of a DJ set played by O’Connor at a Contort party in November 2014, and features “an enviable” selection of drum & bass and jungle. It’s also the first of a series of releases on the label featuring live recordings from the party.

It’s not the first time the pair have worked together on a release – O’Connor released two EPs and a debut album from Kerridge in 2013 and 2014.

You can check the John Osborn’s artwork below.

Regis to release <em>Post Crucifixion</em> cassette on Contort



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