The young Canadian producer’s newest is the best of his career.

Though Nathan Micay aka Bwana has been bouncing around since 2012, it really felt like he found a home last year when Aus Music released his promising Flute Dreams. It also felt like he was finding his voice crafting slow burning tracks that heated up to climaxes that felt as anthemic as they were heartfelt. Now Micay has prepped a follow up with Tengo and from the revelatory title track he’s only grown more singular and exciting.

‘Tengo’, like ‘Flute Dreams‘ before it, comes in on a simple 4/4 foundation with Bwana playing his cards close to the chest with tight claps and distant vocals. The track takes it’s time, but once it breaks over a minute in ‘Tengo’ reveals itself as a towering club bomb. For all the aggression of its muscular drums the track balances itself as gorgeous, deeply emotive melodies that echo patiently through the attack. These ideas shouldn’t work together, but Bwana’s brilliance lies in his ability to weave them in new ways throughout.

Listen to ‘Tengo’ below, grab Tengo April 6 via Aus Music.



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