The album is due out on Tricky’s False Idols imprint.

As we noted when we premiered ‘Lying On The Moon’ last month, Francesca Belmonte comes highly recommended by Tricky, who’s described her as the best person with whom he’s ever collaborated (“as soon as people hear this album they’ll understand why I say this.”).

Listeners will be able to do just that when Anima drops on June 1, via Tricky’s False Idols imprint. Press materials promise a fuller vision of Belmonte’s take on “freaked pop” that blends R&B, soul, club, electronica and avant-garde music.

For another taste of what to expect, stream the hypnotic, backmasked torch song ‘Are You’ below. The album’s tracklist follows.

Hiding In The Rushes
Keep Moving
Walk With You
Lying On The Moon
Strange Beat
Brothers & Sisters
Come Take
Your Sons
Are You

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