“Some say it is a cult. It is a social group with novel beliefs and practices.”

Remember last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign to bring Aphex Twin’s lost Caustic Window album to the masses? Well, the person behind it – WATMM forum administrator Joyrex – is currently handling another campaign on behalf of Rephlex co-founder Grant Wilson-Claridge, this time for an album of a much more bizarre kind.

The album – colundi everyOne – is based around Grant Wilson-Claridge and Aleksi Perälä’s custom musical scale, the Colundi Sequence. The pair have already explored the scale on several releases, but now they want to release ‘Level 9’ of the project, which will be released in the format of a piece of land everyone is invited to share and hold parties at.

The pair are looking for $30,000 to finance the idea, with the ultimate plan being “to acquire such nodes on every ‘country’ on Earth, so that they may be ultimately linked together and grow.” The initial site will be equipped to transmit these Level 9 frequencies through struck metal bars and looped radio broadcasts.

Several users of the WATMM forum don’t seem to be too impressed – though the pair behind the concept say it is “a social group with novel beliefs and practices”, this thread sees one user describe it as a “Braindance cult”. The fairly impenetrable Kickstarter description, which mentions King Arthur and an unidentified being called “The One”, doesn’t do much to allay our fears either.

Wilson-Claridge doesn’t seem to have identified exactly what piece of land he’s going to be buying with the $30,000 beyond a vague suggestion of the south-west of England, but if you want to take the risk and buy into the idea nevertheless, you can donate at Kickstarter. We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest it’s not going to be the runaway success the Caustic Window campaign was – it’s currently at $1,969 with just seven days to go.

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