The Chilean producer will release a new album in May.

Since first arriving in 2007 with the El Sunset EP on James Holden’s Border Community imprint, Ricardo Tobar has carved out a reputation for producing inventive and engaging electronica. The Chiliean artist weaves together elements of melodic techno, 80s new wave and modern shoegaze music with a distinctly post-punk ethos.

Seminal Frankfurt imprint Cocoon Recordings have today unveiled a new album from Tobar. Entitled Collection, the album contains ten tracks that blend moody rock and new wave influences with glistening electronics.

“You won’t find any Detroit, Berlin or Sheffield references here, and it won’t beam you into the north of England and a grey and cold winter,” says a press release for the album. “Instead it will take you to another world entirely.”

Cocoon will release Ricardo Tobar’s Collection on May 8. You can check the tracklist below.


1. Pasaje
2. Brittle
3. Invierno
4. Angora
5. Inside Castle
6. There Is Pop
7. Blue Mint
8. Red Light
9. Crystal Sun
10. Strange Wave

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