The daughter of festival founder Michael Eavis weighs in on the controversy behind Kanye’s headlining spot.

Earlier this week Glastonbury caused controversy among fans for picking Kanye West to close out Saturday night. After a petition surfaced with thousands of signatures to try and have the slot changed, festival founder Michael Eavis responded with a supportive picture simply saying “Yeezy does it!” Now his daughter Emily Eavis has written an editorial for the Guardian discussing her support for Kanye and her dissatisfaction with the hostile response. Read an excerpt below.

To say that our headliners should be “rock” is, I think, a bit silly. Those acts never have been limited to rock, and they never will be. Stevie Wonder, the Prodigy, Curtis Mayfield, the Chemical Brothers, Jay Z, Gorillaz, Beyoncé and plenty of others prove that.

I’ve realised over the years of announcing line ups that, literally, whoever you reveal will be met with some hate online. I have such faith in humanity, but believe me, some of the vitriol being thrown around this week has made me question the dark underbelly of the web. Who are those people silently shouting in disgust, throwing out threats from behind their screens? It certainly isn’t pleasant to be on the receiving end of that. I can’t even imagine how it makes Kanye feel.



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